My name is Mathias Svalina. I’m a writer. As the Dream Delivery Service I write dreams every day & deliver them to subscribers for a month: hand-deliver via bike before dawn to nearby subscribers & by mail to more distant subscribers.



Dream Delivery Service at San Jose State University: April 22-26

From April 22nd to the 26th, Dream Delivery Service will be delivering dreams to students of San Jose State university in California. Sign up here for twenty dreams over that week, either delivered on campus at SJSU or by mail. (You can also subscribe to twenty hand-drawn dreams of Toby Barker, if that’s your jam.) If this subscription is a gift, include the recipient's name & address in the box.

Dream Delivery Service at San Jose State University

Twenty Dreams in San Jose: Campus / USPS
If this a gift, add recipient's name & address here:

If you want dreams, but the price is too high, email to figure it out. Anyone who wants dreams will get dreams.


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July 2020

Dreaming Denver, a thirty-stop dream-tour of the city of Denver is now up at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

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