My name is Mathias Svalina. I’m a writer. As the Dream Delivery Service I write dreams every day & deliver them to subscribers for a month: hand-deliver via bike before dawn to nearby subscribers & by mail to more distant subscribers.



In June 2021, subscribers will nominate an inanimate object from their household (Teal's Hat, Brandon's Guitar,etc), & every day those objects will dream. Not every object will dream every day, but all the objects will get dreams over the month. The subscriber will receive all of the things' dreams from each day, along with a dream for the subscriber.

Subscription fees (per month):
Mail delivery: $45 + postage: $60
10% of subscription fees are donated to Planned Parenthood.

June 2021: The Dreams of Inanimate Things

Mail Options

If you want dreams, but the price is too high, email to figure it out. Anyone who wants dreams will get dreams.


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July 2020

Dreaming Denver, a thirty-stop dream-tour of the city of Denver is now up at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

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