My name is Mathias Svalina. I’m a writer. As the Dream Delivery Service I write dreams every day & deliver them to subscribers for a month: hand-deliver via bike before dawn to nearby subscribers & by mail to more distant subscribers.



Fifty Dreams from New Orleans: Nov 15 to Dec 15

Dream Delivery Service will be in New Orleans, writing & delivering dreams to subscribers, by bike to your door in New Orleans & by mail to not-New Orleans. Fifty nightmares are available too, & also fifty dreams about Toby Barker, mayor of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. If the recipient has pets, include the pet's name & species; all pets get free dreams. If this is a gift subscription, include the recipient's name & address.

Fifty New Orleans Dreams

Delivered in New Orleans / Not-In New Orleans
For Gift Subscriptions: Name & Address here

Fifty New Orleans Nightmares

Delivered in New Orleans/Not-In New Orleans
For Gift Subscriptions: Name & Address Here

Fifty Dreams about Toby Barker, Mayor of Hattiesburg, Mississippi

New Orleans / Not-New Orleans
For Gift Subscriptions: Name & Address here


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July 2020

Dreaming Denver, a thirty-stop dream-tour of the city of Denver is now up at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

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